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i pledge allegiance to roe v. wade

here libs, try this one on for size:


not the ones that say little brown babies can't go to school with little white babies, and not the ones that say they are all equal under vacuum, pliers, and saline injections.

not that it should really make much difference what your opinion on roe is. any right thinking citizen ought to feel the bile bubbling up when senators start asking for oaths of fealty. they're demanding allegiance to the ends, which, even if valid, may have been reached through flawed means. those means would then be upheld, free to bring about future perversions of justice we cannot even begin to foresee. and, of course, the vehemence with which the oath is demanded gives us all the more reason to be suspicious. senators don't whisper lies, they scream them.

sure, i'm just one more rightwing crank worked up into a lather over abortion, but it's not like i'm the one out there boasting of my broad-mindedness--a condition which, for the liberal, amounts to the willingness to accept any means, however flawed or duplicitous, so long as the desired end can be attained.

locdog's got a mean little end himself, baby