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bring it on

it wasn't supposed to be this way.

the 2,000th death celebration. record oil profits. harriet meirs. tom delay and merry fitzmas, next it's karl rove.

last week brought us some of the GOP's darkest days since watergate, and unquestionably the darkest of the bush administration.

what a difference a week makes, huh?

after a 22 month investigation into the plame leak, the closest thing to an indictable offense that special prosecutor patrick fitzgerald could come up with is an unknown cheney aid possibly perjuring himself over something that was never a crime to begin with. but paddy boy would be damned if he wasn't going to indict someone for something after the better part of two years--even if it wasn't going to be karl rove.

harriet "who?" meirs is a memory the base will be only too happy to block out thanks to samuel alito, a brilliant, soft-spoken judge who should make a bang up witness at his confirmation. after having their heads handed to them by roberts, senate dems were salivating at the prospect of beating up on the relatively inexperienced meirs. but alito will eat their lunch and the little note their mama wrote them, too.

record oil profits are bad news when you're paying over three dollars at the pump, but with gas prices falling to pre-katrina levels, that headline has lost much of it's sting. combine that with low unemployment and brisk economic growth and the fiscal picture isn't nearly as grim as the dems try to paint it.

even tom delay has been blown off the front page, mostly by the alito nomination, but also by the report from the president's tax advisory panel (not as far-reaching as some of us would have preferred, that, but a definite improvement) and the bird flu initiative (relatively meaningless from a public health standpoint, but a brilliant bit of initiative-seizing politically.)

yep, it wasn't supposed to be this way.

which is why it was the democrats melting down yesterday with their grandstanding closed-door session, not the republicans. what else have they got left? cindy sheehan, harreit meirs, valerie plame...the three queens of discontent came bearing lumps of coal instead of priceless gifts. serves the dems right.

the democrats are a party in disarray. the last national figure they had with any semblance of an idea was al gore, and he couldn't sell a book of matches to an eskimo. since then it's been attack, attack, attack, but they haven't been able to punch through the republican lines on any front. the democratic base, still bitter over clinton's impeachment, the 2000 elections, the crack their mothers smoked while expecting, and God knows what else, believe that the way to get out of the muck they're bogged down in is to mash the accelerator even harder. the democratic leadership, cowed by the move-on chicken-littles now ruling the roost, is only too eager to oblige.

personally, i'm praying that the white house and republican leadership will grab their torches and kindling and dive into this latest witch hunt with relish. let's have that debate about pre-war intelligence. let's look at the claims of clinton and gore in '98 and '99, back when the (not so) little blue dress was the fashion craze. let's look at the UN's own findings over that same period, since they were so reluctant to help. let's talk about the iraqi people's plight prior to their liberation by allied forces, since ted kennedy is so convinced they were better off before we came. let's have our debate over whether the world is safer without that madman hussein in it as a middle-eastern superpower. let's investigate the links between al qaeda and the former regime, now that harry reid has assured us that there was absolutely 100% no connections whatsoever. for three years now republicans have been bullied into silence by some of the most ludicrous charges in modern political history for fear of an unsympathetic media. it's inexcusable. iraq is all the dems have left now, and, truth be told, they haven't even got that. they've only got the illusion of it, the fantasy version the republicans have allowed them to spin for mass consumption. i say it's time to take history back.

the democratic party isn't just at a 52 week low, here. this is rock bottom, a fiasco of historic proportions. theirs is a party with no leaders, no direction, and no real purpose for being. they offer nothing positive to support; a vote for them is a vote for blind rage. it's madness. contrast them, if you will, with the gingrich-era GOP. sure we attacked clinton and sure we had our fun with his scandals, but we at least offered ideas, a vision for the future known as the "contract with america" that served as some tangible alternative to the failures of the clinton administration on a so-called "middle class tax cut" and healthcare reform. and the result? the first republican-controlled congress in 40 years. the democrats offer bile and more bile, and will thus remain safely marginalized.

i find myself almost hoping that the dems get their wish and somehow manage to destroy george w. bush, because he's all they've got left. george bush is the democratic party.

locdog is the republican party