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quick take on miers: bush is weak

bush doesn't have any choice in this thing.

assume that bush wants to name another scalia to the bench. how can he? borders and budget have weakened him with his base, iraq and katrina with everyone else.

the liberals reaction so far has been shockingly tame. about the worst i've heard are charges of cronyism--a real howler after 8 years of bubba and friends. cronyism basically means that the libs can't think of anything else to fault bush with on this pick. she doesn't seem particularly dangerous ideologically speaking, but then, for certain democrats, their base wouldn't tolerate a vote for one of bush's nominees had he sent them the second coming of leon trotsky.

on the other side, i've heard many conservative commentators blasting the republican senate for not being able to hold it together, but let's face it, senators will always do what is in their best interests. ask yourself this question: if bush's poll numbers weren't in the tank, would he be appointing miers? not a chance. it's not the senate's fault should they splinter away from an unpopular president, which, of course, is exactly what would happen if he sent up paleolithic pick we on the right had been hoping for.

bush wasn't a lame duck when he started his second term, but one thing is for certain: he is now.

as to miers herself? who the hell knows. she's been one of bush's closest confidants for years, so it really comes down to whether or not you think personal loyalty would trump ideology when it comes to a nomination that will shape the future of our nation for decades to come.

bush has been disappointing in a lot of ways, but i don't yet buy into that cartoon villain image. if miers is a stealth conservative pick, her appointment and what will probably be a successful confirmation (assuming no nanny problems, sexual harras--no, i don't think i want to finish that thought...never mind) may well turn out to be one of the most tactically brilliant political moves of this young century.

if it's trickery then it's good trickery, but locdog wishes we didn't need it