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"absolute moral authority"

maureen dowd--a decrepit self-parody of a once mediocre talent--recently wrote that because cindy sheehan lost a son in iraq, she has "absolute moral authority" when it comes to the war.

it is, we are left to suppose, a happy coincidence that mrs. sheehan's morals jive so beautifully with ms. dowd's. we are further left to suppose that dowd, whose experience with sacrifices for the cause of freedom is limited to taking smarmy pot shots from the sidelines, has some standing to decide who gets this authority and who does not.

my problem with mrs. sheehan, who, were it not for the death of her son would be just one more barking moonbat of the left, is that she seems to have bought into dowd's assessment. for having already visited with the president once, and praising him as someone she has "new respect for," a "man of faith" who is "sincere about wanting freedom for the iraqis," she has now reevaluated her earlier position and demanded a second conference with the most powerful man in the world, something she apparently feels she is owed by virtue of her new-found infallibility.

i see two major flaws in the "absolute moral authority" view, the first of which has to do with a misinterpretation of mrs. sheehan's "sacrifice." mrs. sheehan's loss is very real, as is her grief. but she did not tie her babe to the altar like abraham of old to appease the gods of war. her son's life was not hers to give. he was a 24 year old man who re-enlisted after the start of the war, and had volunteered for the dangerous rescue mission he was killed on. if mrs. sheehan wants to honor her son's memory, she may wish to begin by not trampling on everything he proudly fought and died for.

the second biggie--and the one that prompted me to break my relative silence on this topic--is that mrs. sheehan is not the only mother to have lost a son in iraq, and many (i dare say most) do not share her views. this morning i heard a pennsylvania mother whose son was killed in iraq about a year ago when his convoy was attacked. she was understandably outraged at mrs. sheehan's grandstanding, but seemed most angered by the press proclaiming her the official spokeswoman of all grieving iraq war moms. most of these women do not believe their sons died for a neocon agenda to benefit israel, are proud to have raised young men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom, and are wondering when, exactly, maureen dowd will be picking up the phone to coronate them with their own absolute moral authority.

locdog wouldn't hold his breath if he were them