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think spain's new government supports kerry?

i mean, since he won't name names and all.

i read george orwell's homage to catalonia not too long ago. it's a record of his days fighting in the spanish civil war, and, more famously, of his disillusionment with the stalin-infatuated communist party. i read it months before this last tragedy in spain, but even then i was stunned by the historical irony of the thing: back in the thirties, the socialists were leading the fight against the evil -ism of their day. if there's a difference between the manner of tyranny franco's fascists and bin laden's terrorists would impose, it's only in the particular shade of religious pretense they cloak themselves with.

wind the clock back an age or so and see the fathers of today's europe fill viking ships to the gills with gold. like a mafia protection racket, the only guarantee they got for their payment was that of future bloodshed when the don started jonesin’ for a new cadillac, or, in this case, bjorn wanted a bigger set of helmet horns.

the terrorists kill us because we are in iraq, goes the logic of the new spanish government, ergo, we leave iraq. the king of spain called those terrorists "vile, cowardly murderers," but there's something more vile and cowardly than the murderers who blew up 200 spanish citizens last week, and that, of course, is the man who would capitulate to those murderers. at least the terrorist thinks there are some things worth fighting for.

i don't fault the spanish people so much as the men who play on their fears, but i do pity the spanish people. they'll pay the price for the sins of their craven leaders.

what can america learn from all of this? for starters, i hope we learn that the terrorists aren't the only ones who will never listen to reason, that is, i hope we learn that Old Europe is fat, stupid, lazy, gutless, and, in general, not worth consideration. if and when we save them from themselves it will be over their vociferous protest and we'd better not expect any thank-yous. secondly, i hope we learn to recognize these same elements within our own society, those, for instance, who say that a big, bloody war was exactly what bin laden wanted. what bin laden wanted was spain. he wanted a big, strong paw around our sack to squeeze whenever it suited him. finally, i hope we recognize that the war on terror isn't fought from the halls of montezuma to the shores of tripoli, or from march 2003 to march 2004, it's fought within ourselves, all of us, all the time.

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