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iraqi(?) yellowcake uranium found

about two pounds of yellowcake uranium have been found in amsterdam and preliminary indications are that it may have come from iraq. the yellowcake was discovered amidst a shipment of scrap metal out of jordan, but the dealer, whose name has not been released, claims that he acquired the scrap from iraq.

now, we know that can't be the case because joseph wilson, husband of international wife of mystery valerie plame, spent a week or so sipping mint tea and chatting up nigerian diplomats--er, investigating. furthermore, bush lied in his state of the union address because he chose to accept british intelligence over the word of joe wilson. how does that make bush a liar? well...uh...what sort of honest man would take the word of those bloody limeys over a true-blue yank like wilson? no sort at all, by jingo!

perhaps you're wondering what good two pounds of yellowcake uranium are. none, according to the "experts." makes one wonder, though, how much yellowcake saddam could have snuck out of iraq by shipping out a little bit here, a little bit there.

locdog is serving up thick slices of yellow cake with a side of crow



did dean knowingly back wife beating cop?

according to, howard dean's nine-year chief of security was a spousal abuser.

"that's terrible, but so what," says you. so what indeed.

subtitled "What Did He Know About Abuse Allegations; When Did He Know It," the four-page story begins with...

In his presidential campaign, and as governor of Vermont before that, Howard Dean has taken a tough, zero-tolerance stand on domestic violence, accusing the Bush administration of not being committed to the issue. Yet Dean said he had no idea that one of the men closest to him was repeatedly abusing his wife.

...ends with...

On his campaign Web site, Dean says domestic abuse should be taken into consideration in custody hearings and that men should talk to other men about the issue.

"Ending this cycle of violence begins with leadership," Dean says on the site.

...and crams enough innuendo in between to make you wonder if abc hasn't mistaken howard dean for newt gingrich. has the liberal media finally flipped its lid, or have they merely decided that the clintons are the future of the democratic party, and dean, well, that way madness lies?

here's the gist. dennis madore was a state trooper who led then-governor dean's security detail. in 1997, his wife donna filed for divorce on grounds of "classic" spousal abuse. it had gone on both before and during madore's employment with dean, and, according to his wife's lawyer, included "years of abuse in which she had been struck, had been pushed, shoved in front of the children, both physical and emotional abuse in front of the children."

dean says he knew nothing about it: "I don't think it's my business as an employer to rummage through anybody's divorce papers." typical dean response, and one that might carry a bit more water if dean hadn't gone a-rummaging by filing a three-page affidavit on behalf of his employee, one that, according to, "described Madore as 'a firm but gentle disciplinarian' and a 'wonderful parent.'" so on the one hand madore's personal life is none of dean's business while on the other he's qualified to instruct the court on the finer points of madore's parenting philosophy?

when this story popped three years ago in vermont (yeah, some "exclusive" you've got there, abc...) dean maintained that he knew nothing of his top cop's darker side at the time of the affidavit. i see no reason not to believe him, but one wonders whether it would have made a difference if dean had known?

as abc has it, dean was contacted about a week after he filed by maggie benson, a woman they describe as "a longtime Dean supporter and friend of Donna Madore." benson warned dean that donna's husband wasn't exactly father of the year, claiming that he was "an unfit parent and that Dean could damage himself politically by being involved." dean didn't like the woman's "threatening tone" and hung up on her--some tough guy, huh? a damsel in distress calls to plead for her brutalized friend and gets the receiver slammed in her ear for her troubles. i guess can't fault dean too much: for all he knew she was just some crank...but as soon as dean gets off the phone with benson, he calls up dennis madore's attorney phil white who, oh by the way, is a personal friend of dean's. no dummy he, white advises dean to write down everything he can remember of the conversation, and abc dutifully points out that dean's notes make no specific mention of abuse. now obviously dean took benson's claims seriously, but not seriously enough, it seems, to withdraw his support for madore. was dean's affidavit really founded in innocent goodwill, or had dean's mind been made up to support his friend regardless of what he had done?

long story short, madore is fired by the cops on account of his being a wife beater and all, white's law firm mysteriously drops nearly 50,000 dollars in legal fees, and howard dean, perhaps appropriately, emerges unscathed. there the story remained until ran it yesterday--to the great chagrin of the dean campaign, who, according to the drudge report, has shifted into full scandal-mode:

Dean's campaign managers threatened to kick ABC-TV off the Dean Campaign plane if ABCNEWS ran the affidavit story on tonight's WORLD NEWS, insiders tell DRUDGE... Dean Manager Joe Trippi said: "Im gonna come after you." News editors made the Dean/affidavit story fifth in the news wheel...

my initial reaction to this story was that there wasn't much to it. lots of sleaze and smear, but nothing substantive. if this is the worst dean's rivals can dig up on him, he's sitting pretty. but then you consider his campaign's reaction, and the latest polls that have him in a statistical dead heat with kerry and gephardt, and suddenly, the one or two points this story might cost him seem a lot bigger.

but what's really set my tail a-waggin' is the increasingly bitter tone of howard dean's national coverage. face it, folks, this story is a classic hit piece. in terms of hard fact, there's nothing more to it than some rather mundane good-buddyism, but it's been whipped up into dean's watergate, complete with "what did he know and when did he know it" subtitles. the irony of this rather amusing liberal civil war is that you deaniacs out there are predominantly clinton supporters. well guess what: your candidate isn't. and the clintons don't support him. if the somewhat hypocritical unilateral action letter leaked earlier this week is any indication, they're going all out to destroy him and the press is licking it up like gravy.

locdog wouldn't mind a second helping himself, but would rather see dean survive to oppose bush in the nationals



for ye have the poor with you always

i see one story today saying a study of u.s. adults found that most of us could maintain our weight by merely walking thirty minutes a day, six days a week. but we're all fat, so what does that tell you.

i see another story that says we can't deport illegal aliens because they do work americans think they're too good for. work that, for the most part, involves a lot of walking.

is it just me, or is this place falling apart?

deport all illegal aliens and make every able-bodied individual who receives a welfare check pick lettuce. as for the rest of us...

"You can't have a war, cut taxes, have the economy in a garbage pail and spend billions going into space," said Dallas Hodgins, a 76-year-old retired University of Michigan researcher from Flint, Mich. "How are they going to pay for all this? I don't see how it's morally justifiable. In Flint, there isn't a school roof that doesn't leak."

bush has a glorious dream of putting men back on the moon and, someday, on mars, but we can't go because, somewhere, a school roof is leaking. i would be willing to bet you all the billions you can cram into a garbage pail that it has never once occurred to mr. dallas hodgins or the whole leaky town of flint, michigan, to scrape together the materials needed, pick up some hammers, and put a roof over the heads of their own children: it's the government's job to make sure their kids don't get soggy brains--the sort of thinking that has us well into our fourth generation of soggy-brained americans.

two hundred years ago, the old men told the young to go west. today, the old men tell the young to stick around and fix the damned roof. yep, this place is falling apart.

if the government doesn't educate your children, who will?

if the government doesn't give you healthcare, who will?

if the government doesn't fix the economy, who will?

how in the name of moral justifiability can they be worried about mars when they've got nearly 300 million problems to fix right here at home?

and this isn't even an anti-government rant, really. the government merely exploited the laziness common to all mankind. it's on us. we were supposed to watch out, and we stopped watching. we're not americans any more. we've gotten old, fat, and lost our drive. we're a "service economy," which is a nice way of saying that we don't do anything, we just buy up what other people have done.

we need more industry. we need big factories that churn out big dozers that build big bridges over the big rivers that dare defy us on our way to mars. that's what we need.

thank goodness there are still a few americans left. you hear about them on the news. they're out there keeping us alive. but there are far too few, and always there are fewer.

just a few mostly unhinged thoughts from your friendly neighborhood locdog